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As a radio designer, it’s nice to have a go-to amplifier that you can use and reuse for a wide range of application frequencies, linearity requirements, bias voltages and currents. The GRF2013, part of Guerrilla RF’s standard DFN-6 portfolio, is a device that you can turn to over and over again for a wide variety of requirements.


Key Strengths of GRF2013:

  • Outstanding RF performance  over a wide range of bias conditions
  • Flexible biasing: Vdd can range over 2.7 to 5.0 volts with Iddq adjustable from 15 to 100 mA
  • Internally pre-matched to 50 ohms. A single set of external components yields multi-octave bandwidths from 50 MHz to 4 GHz and beyond
  • Automotive qualification coming soon
  • Part of GRF’s 1.5 mm DFN-6 portfolio, which offers over 20 devices using the same package, pin out, and layout

The GRF2013 data sheet focuses on 700 to 3800 MHz performance at 5.0 volts and 90 mA Iddq. However, this amplifier also excels below 1 GHz with a 3.0 volt power supply (see charts below). Notice the flat gain, NF and linearity over the measured 200 to 500 MHz band.

GRF2013 is in full production and is pin/layout compatible with more than 20 devices using our standard 1.5 x 1.5 mm DFN-6 plastic package. Evaluation boards and samples are available now.

Guerrilla RF is committed to providing the high performance RF solutions you need in the long term, and we will be pleased to provide the applications support you need to successfully implement any of our devices. –  by Guerrilla RF