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3 Board Level Shielding Solutions Offered by Leader Tech for Electronic Applications

Leader Tech provides EMI designers flexibility and cost-effective custom solutions. This is achieved by stocking a large variety of standard “off-the-shelf” fence options, which can be formed and combined with a cover to create a fully custom design. Additional features such as special cutouts,vent holes, insulating materials and other special requirements can be added to create the right Circuit Board Shield for your application. Avoid long lead-times and expensive custom tooling by reviewing these EMI shielding innovations and selecting the right one for your next application.

Leader Tech’s product diversity ranges from simple one-piece shields to more complex multi-cavity shields using a variety of through-hole and surface mounting options.

Tech Clips

The Tech Clip is an EMI board shield clip which provides a cost effective alternative to using a 2-piece shielding solution and allows for EMI shield placement on a PCB without post soldering. The Tech Clip eliminates the need for hand soldering, as the parts are delivered in tape & reel packaging and are compatible with high speed automated placement equipment. The Tech Clip allows for easy shield removal and replacement for PCB rework or maintenance, and saves money on PCB costs by eliminating the need for through holes.

One-Piece Shields

Surface Mount PCB Shields offer a highly reliable, cost effective, off-the-shelf solution for most surface mount shielding applications. Our SMS shields are supplied in tape & reel packaging and are suited for any volume application including automated pick and place assembly operations. Leader Tech has more sizes and heights of standard off-the-shelf shields than any other supplier.  (refer to part numbers SMS-101, SMS-201, SMS-301, SMS-401, and more).

Slot Lok Standards

Slot Lok shields from Leader Tech represent a proprietary manufacturing process that increases shield design flexibility while reducing lead time and total product cost. Slot Lok Circuit Board Shields achieve this by applying standardized manufacturing methods to produce what would traditionally be a custom manufactured product. The proprietary Slot Lok manufacturing process has helped many companies reduce their design-to-delivery time by a factor of four without incurring tooling charges.

Whether you need small footprints, low profile applications or even multi-level board designs, Leader Tech has got you covered. Contact Leader Tech to find a suitable EMI shielding solution for your application.