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The 5G Low-loss Materials Market Expected to be $1.8 Billion in 2023

An independent market researcher that provides business intelligence on emerging technologies published a report that discusses the importance of low-loss materials that curb transmission loss during higher performance demands of mmWave 5G applications. Each year, the global deployment of 5G-enabled devices and infrastructure expands, with 98 nations having commercialized 5G or conducting 5G trials in 2022, up from 79 nations in 2021. The developing 5G network introduces two new frequency bands, sub-6 GHz (3.5 – 7 GHz) and mmWave (24 – 71 GHz), the latter of which enables extremely low latency and substantial bandwidth (which allows for higher data throughput). With these advancements come new applications, like smart devices, autonomous vehicles, and remote medical monitoring, that were impossible to access with previous telecommunication technology.

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