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Types of Surface Mount Shields and Their Applications

As electronics usage becomes more widespread, the semiconductor devices used for manufacturing the products require protection from noise sources surrounding them. And the more sophisticated the system, the more susceptible it is to noise. Thankfully, there are various ways to protect the devices and ensure the desired performance, one of which is enclosing the noise sensitive components with a metal shield. What’s more, surface mount shields from Leader Tech offer a cost-efficient method to resolve noise issues, and the shield can be removed for testing and reworking when the need arises.

Types of Surface Shield Mounts

Leader Tech produces several types of surface mount shields to meet the shielding requirements of target customers – one-piece surface mount shields and two-piece surface mount shields. These off-the-shelf solutions are extremely reliable and cost-efficient, and require no tooling charges. These shields are also offered with & without ventilation holes for heat dissipation.  Leader Tech has always been known for its careful attention to detail, and the company supplies the ordered products in tape and reel packaging for extra protection during transit and for automated placement on the customer’s PCB.  Samples of these shields are readily available for customer testing.


The surface shield mounts manufactured by Leader Tech are ideal for applications of any volume, including automated pick and place assembly operations. What sets these products apart from other suppliers in the industry is their versatility and range of offerings, especially when it comes to size and height. While the one-piece surface mount PCB shields are ideal for applications that require zero inspection or repair of shielded elements, two-piece surface mount shields are preferable if frequent inspection is needed.

The surface mount shields from Leader Tech are a suitable solution for electronics manufacturers who want to safeguard their products against EMI noise while saving printed circuit board real estate. If you want more information about these shielding solutions, contact Leader Tech about their SMS product line.