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As EMI shielding becomes a growing concern, designers continue to look for solutions that provide consistent performance. Copper Beryllium fingerstock gaskets have long been the go-to choice for EMI designers as the material yields the best electrical spring contact available in the industry. The Copper Beryllium mills have been working on the design specifications with unique applications for decades. Each of the alloys produced follow the ASTM, SAE, JIS and DIN specifications of the industry.

Why are Fingerstock Gaskets the Obvious Choice for EMI Shielding?

There are two main reasons why Fingerstock Gaskets are always a favorite.

  • Each profile has mechanical spring characteristics at the core of its design. Of all gaskets available in the industry, CuBe Fingerstock gaskets have the best spring characteristics.
  • Fingerstock gaskets have the highest EMI Shielding capacity available.

EMI Shielding is all about meeting the customer’s needs, and Leader Tech excels at the design and manufacture of Fingerstock gaskets to meet the customer’s expectations. They have been in the EMI shielding industry for decades and their years of experience speak for themselves.

Leader Tech has a proven method of stamping, forming and post-heat treating that is critical in the manufacture of CuBe gaskets. The products are proven to be operational in spaces as tight as even a material thickness of .002” inches.The gaskets are available in a multitude of styles and also in low compression force versions for most profiles.

The flexibility and versatility of fingerstock gaskets make them an excellent option for enclosure shielding solutions. Wherever or whenever you need, Leader Tech is there with a  comprehensive shielding solution. – Article by Leader Tech Inc.