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The conductive elastomers are mostly used in shielding the electronic enclosures to prevent the electromagnetic interference. The entire EMI shielding system is made up with a conductive gasket that is placed between a metal housing and a lid. This set up allows for providing sufficient electrical conductivity across the gasket.

5 Standard Characteristics of Conductive Elastomers

Generally, the conductive elastomers are available with or without the adhesive backing, and there are specific characteristics to serve the unique requirements of the industry. They are:

• High-end mechanical properties which allow it to suit all environments
• Excellent electromagnetic shielding properties
• Wide temperature range
• Made of polymer silicone, fluorosilcone, or EPDM
• The effectiveness of shielding can extend up to 120dB at 10GHz.

Application Areas

When there’s the need to create an EMI shielding along with environmental sealing, the electrically conductive elastomers prove to be the ideal choice. The highly conductive as well as resilient characteristics of the gasketing elements allows it to be used in a broad spectrum of fields – wirelessly transmitting device, commercial electronics, and military devices.

5 Benefits of Using Conductive Elastomers from Leader Tech

• To ensure the galvanic compatibility, a broad combination of materials are available to choose from
• Since the manufacturing process takes place in the USA, it automatically allows for short lead-times, prototyping, and ITAR compliance.
• Leader Tech’s TechSIL Conductive Elastomers are made up of a wide variety of polymers and types of fillers that are available in various colors and hardnesses. Consult factory for options.
• Leader Tech offers elastomers in all possible profiles and shapes, and with different mounting methods. This variety helps meet clients’ specific requirements.
• Only Leader Tech can provide the best low compression forces that are highly achievable at a competitive market prices.

Leader Tech is an engineering-oriented enterprise that has kept service to the global clientele as their focus with application-specific solutions from prototype to high volume productions. Leader Tech is one of a few EMI shielding experts in the USA that approves 11MIL-DTL-83528 materials. You can browse over 2,000 part numbers to find a suitable solution. EMI shielding being their specialty, Leader Tech can be your trusted partner for all shielding solutions. -Leader Tech