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Our team of experts representing manufacturers in Southern California

What our customers have said

Founded in 1995, ACETEC is a Manufacturers’ Representative firm serving
Southern California with a team of motivated high-tech professionals
offering state-of-the-art components and related technologies for the
RF/Microwave and Wireless markets.


John O’Grady, CFA

CEO Rankin Semi-Conductor

I buy all my components from ACETEC. Their engineers have a firm grasp on the bits & pieces I need from my projects.

December 17, 2003: Year end interview with TV networks. Photo by Dave Chan.

John Diefenbaker

Avro Aero Limited

ACETEC’s service is excellent, I am very satisfied that I received the best components and advice to complete my projects. They take the stress out of component shopping by providing independent, honest, competitive quotes in a clear manner.


Eugene Petersen

Strategic Allocation, Bombardier Aerospace

ACETEC is professional, friendly, efficient, pay attention to detail and is always there to assist me. I have full confidence in their sales engineers and have recommended them on numerous occasions to other developers.

Vik Adhopia, Toronto, Ontario, CRD Jun 13, 2016, (David Donnelly/CBC)

Sam Pendleton

President and CEO, Fujitsu Media Device of America, Inc. (2009)

ACETEC has been our best rep for years.

They are very technical and have great customer relationships.

They get things done!


Robert Unitt

PE, MacDonald Dansmore and Associates

ACETEC brings a wealth of knowledge as well as a personal touch to components for our core communication, earth observation, radar, satellite products, and related services.


Danielle Linkins

CN/CP Telecommunications Limited

We are delighted with where our telecom projects are to date and would recommend ACETEC to anyone needing telecom products. They are a pleasure to deal with, and above all will provide you with a tailor made solution.